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Re: water surface film...

I wrote:

<<<I noticed in the archives that people written about a film on the surface
of their water.  Well, I have this on my brand new tank, and I can't
imagine why.  It's sort of a greasy, cloudy film.  The air quality in the
house is excellent, and as far as I know, the water quality is too.  The
only thing I can think of is that my house is fairly new (6 months old),
and I am now wondering if there's something in the pipes from the
construction, when the plumber was fitting the pipes together, etc., maybe
flux or whatever?>>>

Well, I asked the question, and I can actually make a suggestion myself, in
case others are interested.  I found some articles about this on the Krib,
and apparently it's not altogether uncommon (called "scum" before, but by
the description, it sounds the same).

I also found an article elsewhere, describing a very simple, DIY solution.
I haven't tried it yet, but I will, so if anyone is interested to know my
results, feel free to email me privately.  To read the (short) article, go
to (you may have to paste this URL together manually since it's so long)

The author claims that a simple piece of PVC pipe with an end cap, a couple
of suction cups, in conjunction with your filter intake, should do the trick!