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water surface film...

I noticed in the archives that people written about a film on the surface
of their water.  Well, I have this on my brand new tank, and I can't
imagine why.  It's sort of a greasy, cloudy film.  The air quality in the
house is excellent, and as far as I know, the water quality is too.  The
only thing I can think of is that my house is fairly new (6 months old),
and I am now wondering if there's something in the pipes from the
construction, when the plumber was fitting the pipes together, etc., maybe
flux or whatever?

I am using an Eheim Professional canister filter.

I don't know if this will be on-going, so I don't really want any expensive
equipment to do surface skimming, unless I know I'll need it.  Does anyone
have any suggestions as to how I might remove it just once so that I can
see if it happens again?  Can I sop it up with paper towels or something?