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RE:15H CO2

>A friend asked me to set up a heavily planted 15 high for him.  Can anyone
>tell me a good way to add CO2 to such a little tank. Is there a web address
>for Aquarium Landscapes? Is there a way to use the little CO2 containers
>commonly used to carbonate water? I don't feel the expense of a "real"
>compressed CO2 tank is worth it.

If you have a filter such as a Mini hagen you can add the CO2 directly to
the intake and add a small yeast brew changed every 10-14 days with a 2
liter juice bottle and 1 cup of sugar + 1/2 teaspoon of yeast in it(as per
KRIB). If you have a pump instead of a filter just add to the intake side of
the pump/internal filter. This works very well for KH-4-7. There are other
idea also but this is simple and works every well. I don't think a gas set
up is appropriate for this tank. You'll want a low flow for sure though.

 Raise the flow up if you need more CO2 or less if you need less CO2, point
the powerhead down more if you need more CO2, cause more surface turbulanace
to vent off CO2 if too much, Bring the powerhead up higher so more gas
escapes if you need less also. Add more yeast if you need more CO2 or add
another bottle etc.

>I used and old incandescent hood and retrofit it to "screw in" compact
>fluorescent  so it now has 64 watts. I feel CO2 is useful at this level.

You bet at that lighting level. 4+ watts/gallon.

>I'll be using Flourish (almost free from pets.com) as a substrate.

It works very well for the tanks I have in this same set up. I have the same
substrate/filter/CO2/but about 25% less light. I would back off the light
unless you like to prune lots:) I only added a few SAE's and Shrimps and
maybe a few small fish. I did not fertilize much to the water column except
food and a little TMG once in a blue moon. I haven't cleaned the glass for
months, nor needed to.
>Sorry about the above off topic TFH rant.

The enforcers from the Ministry of Plants and Propaganda will be paying you
a visit regardless :) 
Tom Barr