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Advertisers as writers

At 03:48 AM 5/3/2000 -0400, Roger S. Miller wrote:
>Subject: Re: journalism?
>On Tue, 2 May 2000, Adam Novitt wrote:
>> "Shawn is with Aquarium Landscape." :M3
>> "Tim Hovanec <snip> works for Marineland." :Karen
>> Nobody sees it as a problem when the advertisers write the editorial copy
>> and it is not disclosed?
>It causes me problems.

I think it is very hard for someone who works for a product manufacturer to
write an article about that kind of product and be unbiased.   After all if
they were unbiased what are they doing working for one of the combatants?
That said, I think it is quite appropriate for them to write on the general
topic:  Tim H on bacterial populations in filters, Greg Morin on chemistry.
  In fact the latter will appear in PAM3.
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