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Commercialism in the Hobby, Oh My!

Adam Novitt wrote:

>Tim Hovanec <snip> works for Marineland.
>Shawn is with Aquarium Landscape.
>The advertisers are writing the editorial and this is not disclosed?  Nobody
>else sees this as a problem?

I don't know Shawn and I don't know his material.  If what he's writing is
good, scientifically accurate, and not blatantly pushing his product, I see
no problem at all.  Do you know how many aquarium "buisiness" people we
depend on for good information?  Just off the top of my head, this minute,
I'll rattle off the ones that come to mind:

Tim Hovanec
Greg Morin
Merrill Cohen
Claus Christensen
Kaspar Horst
Takashi Amano
Lee Finley
David Schelsser
Mike Wickham
Dave Gomberg
Jim Mortensen
Herbert Axelrod 
Pablo Tepoot
Ross Socolof
Julian Sprung...

These are the ones I could think of off the top of my head without
straining myself at all.  Where would we be if we were unwilling to learn
from these people?  Where would the hobby be if these people hadn't worked
very hard for little remuneration to earn a living involved in the aquarium

_Your_ job as a consumer is to read carefully and thoughtfully, and not
jump on every band wagon that comes along.  The _good_ aquarists, who
produce _good_ merchandise for our hobby deserve our support.  The rest
will get sorted out sooner or later.