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Re: journalism?

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Adam Novitt wrote:

> "Shawn is with Aquarium Landscape." :M3
> "Tim Hovanec <snip> works for Marineland." :Karen
> Nobody sees it as a problem when the advertisers write the editorial copy
> and it is not disclosed?

It causes me problems.

In the last copy of TFH that I read (8 or 9 years ago), the editors
published a letter from an aquarist who complained about TFH's habit of
laying out advertisements along with articles on related topics.  That
often turns the articles into extended promotions for the products
advertised on the same pages.  The editor replied in essence that they did
that intentionally and that they would continue the practice.

I suppose it's acceptable to lay out articles and related advertising
side-by-side if the articles aren't biased by or toward the advertised
products. but I felt (and still feel) that some of the articles were
actually written to sell the products.

At some point the editors seemed to forget the distinction between
information and advertising copy.  This is great for their advertisers but
it does a disservice to their readers.  As a reader I spoke with my wallet
and stopped buying the magazine.

Roger Miller