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Plant Growers

Aaron Sparrow wrote:

>I have tried to order from FAN and they reply that they are too busy to take
>on new costumers.  

>From your E-mail address, it looks like you were trying to order for a
public aquarium?  I don't know what the FAN policy is on doing business
with a public aquarium.  My understanding is that they mostly supply
wholesalers who will buy in sufficient quantity.  Talk to your local
wholesaler and see if he gets (or can get) plants from FAN.  If not, call
FAN back, and work on developing a relationship.  Even if they can't handle
your business now, if you keep at it, perhaps if they get enough requests,
they will see that it is worth expanding their business.

While it's tough to be told that a company can't handle your business, I'd
rather that they know their limits and do a good job servicing the
customers they already have, than to expand too rapidly and not service
anyone well.  Remember that if and when Tropica plants are available in
this country, they won't be found on every street corner either.  

Another grower that produces a nice selection of potted plants is Gilberg's
in Missouri.  They took over the Petsmart accounts when Jirmack couldn't
handle the uneven order schedule that Petsmart insisted on.