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large tank substrate

I going to set up a tank this summer that will present some unique 
challenges. I am going to cut a hole in my garage wall that is connected to 
my greenhouse. I plan to install an aquarium 96" L by 48" W by 33" T. The 
aquarium will be in the greenhouse and light will be provided by the sun. I 
plan to grow Barclay longafloia, red lotus, cape fear spadderdock (a type 
native to my area) banana plants and other plants not yet decided on. I would 
like some input on the substrate, I plan to use 1" of mushroom compost mixed 
with earthworm castings and 5" of course silica sand. I want to avoid 
leaching too much nutrient into the water from the substrate and will be 
fertilizing individual plants with plant food sticks. I plan to use no 
filtration just aeration, lots of plants and small fish population (for this 
tank). Any advice will be welcome, at this stage I can change anything but 
the depth of the substrate since I already have the glass and fiberglass