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What is this?

Okay, I see something foreign in my brand new tank, and am wondering what
it is.  I have looked in the FAQ and algae descriptions on the Krib, but
can't identify it from the descriptions, maybe because there's not enough
of "it".

I see this "substance" on the fancy java fern that is attached to the big
driftwood.  I also see it on the driftwood itself.  I don't see it anywhere
else.  It is visible only on very close inspection, and because there's so
little of it, it's hard to see the colour.  It appears to be white or
light-green.  These are very tiny, extremely thin, threads, only a fraction
the thickness of sewing thread, almost like long strands of lint or fuzz,
or even spider web, but individual strands.  Some are very short, but some
are about an inch long.  There aren't many of them, but I think they
appeared overnight, so I guess they will proliferate if I don't take
action.  I assume it's some kind of algae???