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Re: MTS Please

Elaine asks:
"My tank stays around 6.0-6.2 which seems to erode my MTS
population on a constsant basis.   I have to keep throwing more snails in to
keep my population up !"

I know that they are only snails, but is there a reason why you are
condeming them to certain death? Snails require a lot of Calcium in order to
maintain their shells - is there a reason why you are maintaining water
conditions at such soft, acidic values? Plants don't really _need_ water so
devoid of minerals that it would cause snail shells to erode to the point of
disintegration, and if you are trying to breed specific fish which can
require such waters, why would you want snails in the tank at all (snails
can and do eat fish eggs)?

Are the snails being used as supplemental live food? For algae control?

James Purchase