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cemented platform for the stand?

I am glad that I found this mailing list and got
my questions all answered.Thanks to all for your

I am a newbie in this hobby and am asking all very
basic questions.I know some of these questions can be
found in the archives but sometimes i searched through
them and couldn't found an answer.

I have another question which I am not sure if it is
in the archive.

I've recently bought an old apartment and intends to
have it renovated around a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft planted
tank. My designer suggests that i should build a
concrete stand so that it fits in with the decor of
the room, instead of getting the tank that comes with
the wooden cabinet stand.

If i were to build a concrete stand (of course the
doors will be made of wood), should I have a flat
cemented platform on which the tank sits or should it
be hollow and the tank just sit on the perimeter of
rectangular stand? Or maybe  2 or 3 planks that run
across the hollow of the stand? I am afraid that if
it is a cemented top, it may create uneven pressure
and stress points on the base of the tank,especially
if the top is not evenly done.

Does anyone know what's the best?Any advice is much

Peter Chong
(from Singapore)

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