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no nitrite yet...

My tank has been set up for almost a week.  It's a 50 gal. tank with plants
and there are 7 small (~ one inch) fish in it (3 black tetras and 4 dwarf
neon rainbows).  The tetras were added one day, and the rainbows the next
day.  The day after adding the rainbows, I measured a small amount of
ammonia in the water (0.25 ppm).  I added the recommended (new-tank-setup)
amount of Cycle, and over the next two days, the ammonia seemed to
dissipiate.  This is good, right?

Anyway, I was expecting to start seeing some nitrite, but there's none.  Is
it too soon to start seeing this?  Do I perhaps not have enough fish yet?
Does  no-ammonia-no-nitrite mean the tank is not cycling?

Also, how often should I be feeding these fish?  I'm feeding once a day,
and am being very careful to NOT overfeed, but as a result, I may be
underfeeding.  They seem to be starving; when put my hands over the water,
or fill test vials, the fish all rush over there as though I'm putting food