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RE:K+ levels

>What is the optimal level of potassium for planted tanks?  Any one have any 
>potassium test kit suggestions?
>~Ashley Sligh
>Aquatic Gardeners Association

20-30ppm with a LaMott kit. Aquarium Landscapes also makes a kit.
It's not one of those elements you should really worry that much about as
long as there's some in there. Excesses do not hurt IMO. Lack of it can slow
things down in high light tanks. I add about an extra 5-10ppm to my regular
dosing by way of estimating from the amount of water I have and the amount
of K+ I add after a water change. If I have a 20 gallon tank I'll about a
1/4 teaspoon of K2SO4 to it weekly plus the TMG etc which also has some in
there. If you add KNO3 this can another source and if you need a fair amount
this can be your only source also of K+. Riccia uses more of it than many
plants. You really don't need  a test kit though.......read the archives as
there's some info on this in there.
Tom Barr