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Re: new tank, ammonia=0.25 mg/liter

Gitte writes:

> I am in the process of cycling a brand new 50 gal. planted tank, with a few
>  fish.  The fish have been in there for a couple of days.  This morning the
>  ammonia reading is 0.25 mg/liter.  Nitrite-nitrogen concentration is too
>  low to be detected.  Do I need to do anything?


>  I can top up the tank, as some water has been lost due to evaporation
>  (approx. 1 gal.).

That should be done along with regular partial water changes, which I do 
weekly, even when I am setting up a new tank.  Not because it needs it, just 
to get myself into the habit.
>  One suggestion was to put peat in the filter to reduce pH (currently pH is
>  7.5).

Peat will lower pH and hardness simultaneously, and brown the water in the 
process.  Is there are reason for doing so in your tank.  If your fish prefer 
softer, or more acidic, water, sure.  Otherwise, don't mess with anything you 
don't need to.
>  Any other suggestions?  Or do I just wait it out?

Just wait it out.

Bob Dixon