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my exerpience w/green water

I just wanted to relate my experience with the method of covering a 
tank full of green water.  Mine was positive.  I had green water 
after about 2 or 3 weeks of being set up (120gal, 440watts).  
Stopping the fertilizer (Schoeler's Natural Gold) made it go away a 
bit, but once I started fertilizing again it came back heavier.  I 
didn't want to spend the money on a Micron filter, so I did a number 
of 50% water changes to no avail.  So I decided to do a 95%(!) water 
change and then cover the tank in complete darkness for 5 days.  For 
the past 2 weeks since I uncovered it, it's been crystal clear.  And 
I've started to fertilize again for the past week, but only at 1/4 
the recommended dose.  I'm planning to increase that little by 
little.  My biggest mistake was not realizing that Natural Gold 
relies on fish food & waste to provide nutrients that aren't in the 
fertilizer.  My only non-plant inhabitants were algae eaters (ottos, 
SAEs, yamato shrimp).  So, as soon as I uncovered the tank I went to 
the store and bout some tetras. :)

Hopefully things will remain clear.  Many thanks to this list and its 
active participants.

Emilio Ramirez
(at work with my car full of recyclables waiting to get dropped off)

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