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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #250

"What is your preferred substrate for a general planted tank?  IE, if you
were setting up a tank today, what material(s) would you use to construct
the substrate?"

I have flourite (apparently so does everyone else) in my 29G "show" tank and
I like it very much.  However, the one gripe I have is that the grains are
too large.  I have coarse sand over kitty litter in two other tanks and my
cichlids love to sift through the sand.  I'm about to set up another tank
and debated the issue once again.  This is going to be a show case for my
new F1 Columbian Rams so I'm doing sand over laterite.  When they make
fluorite in a much smaller size it will be ideal.

Fredericksburg, VA