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Pumping water...go figure!

<snip>... it works pretty well but the hagen powerhead gets
>clogged or something like that which i have to take apart and clean..

My little giant pump has a screen on the intake.  Since it is designed for a 
pond with all of the leaves and decaying matter that a pond accumulates, it 
only makes sense.  I have never had to put the screen to use though.  Funny 
how a makeup water bucket never accumulates any decaying matter...hmmm.  I'm 
sure you'll agree.  ;)

>also i'd like to know if you put a valve to shut off the water will the 
>water pump be ok with the 'back pressure'?
>not too sure if that's the right word.

Yes, that is the correct word.  And yes, you will have some back pressure.  
However the only other alternative is to leave the hose end open, and let 
the water come flying out after you plug the pump in. Depending on how far 
away the end of the hose is from the pump, will determine how far you will 
have to "run" to get to the water output.  In my case it is actually up 6 
stairs and through a kitchen before I get to the water output.

What I have done to avoid any backpressure is to place the hose between my 
canopy's top and frame, and then close the canopy just enough to hold the 
hose in place.  Next, I open the outlet and aim the water into the tank.  
This way I can plug in the pump with the outlet open and not have to worry 
about back pressure or having the water fly all over my dining room.  I use 
the magnum connector to close the hose when I am reeling the hose back in.  
This way I don't end up with salt water all over the kitchen and steps!

>oh about filling the water through a bag of peat what i meant was like 
>filtering the water through it so the tanins etc would be in the new 
>(kinda confusing)

You can do that as well.  However, if you have been following the discussion 
concerning the pH/KH/C02 relationship and measurements, I am not sure you 
will want to be adding tanins to your water.

Michael Laflamme
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