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Re: Cloudy white water

Katie wrote:
"I just set up my 55-gallon planted tank three days ago, and today I noticed
the water turning cloudy on me.  The water has been in the tank for nearly
three weeks, so would it be possible that I have a bacteria bloom on my
hands this late in the game?  If so, there's nothing I can do for it, right?
I bought my plants from AAG, and I was very pleased with them.  The tank is
VERY heavily planted...
  My filteration is just an Eheim canister, and I have 160 watts on the tank
(about 3 watts per gallon) of red and blue light.  The water I used was DI,
and I haven't been feeding the fish.  The only thing I've added is that
contraversial Mark Weiss product (for two days) and a little Tetra
FloraPride (which I've just been informed contain nitrate and
Does anyone have any idea what's going on?  The water is just
white-cloudy..it's not algae."

You have a bacterial bloom, something that is quite common in a newly setup
tank and usually clears up of its own accord within a few days. It could
have been heightened by the snake oil (ie Marc Weiss Vital whatever) which
is probably nothing more than food for bacteria.

You need not do anything about it - just let it clear by itself, which it
WILL do. But don't add any more of the snake oil until the tank has has a
chance to settle down.

James Purchase