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RE: what do I need now?

Dustin Swanson asked:

> So on another note. I've got my Flourite substrate, my Flourish
> Tablets in,
> My Triton light, my standard light, my minimal surface movement, and I
> dropped .4ml of Flourish in earlier tonight, and of course my new CO2
> injection.   What else do I need to do now??  I've also got my
> 2-3" pleco in
> there too, he'll go back in my larger tank when he grows up.  This tank is
> maybe 25 hours old as of 11pm (my sponge was already colonized with
> bacteria).


That's probably the most valuable thing you could use now and for the future
success of your tank. You have the basics of the set up covered, now give it
some time and let nature work its wonders.

Good luck,

James Purchase