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Cloudy Tank Water

Hi all,

I just set up my 55-gallon planted tank three days ago, and today I noticed the water turning cloudy on me.  The water has been in the tank for nearly three weeks, so would it be possible that I have a bacteria bloom on my hands this late in the game?  If so, there's nothing I can do for it, right?  I bought my plants from AAG, and I was very pleased with them.  The tank is VERY heavily planted...I bought too many plants.  BTW, if anyone is interested in an XL Marble Queen Radican Swordplant, send me an e-mail.  If you pay for shipping, I'll send it to you...it just didn't fit in my tank!  My filteration is just an Eheim canister, and I have 160 watts on the tank (about 3 watts per gallon) of red and blue light.  The water I used was DI, and I haven't been feeding the fish.  The only thing I've added is that contraversial Mark Weiss product (for two days) and a little Tetra FloraPride (which I've just been informed contain nitrate and phosphate...wonderful...).  
Does anyone have any idea what's going on?  The water is just white-cloudy..it's not algae.
Thanks so much for help,