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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #248

    To demonstrate the point of opinions, I have no problem with them (other
than the sudden overpopulations that happen every 2 months or so) in my 20
gallon flourite tank.  They stay out of sight, except late at night, and if
I do get a population bloom, I pull out a clown loach from my larger tank,
and let him have a field day.  Everyone says they can't eat them, but I have
a supercharged clown loach (or so it would seem).  I can watch him.  he
sucks them off the walls, and roots in the substrate, and upon finding one,
he spins it around till he can get it at a good angle, and grabs the little
"shield" that they have for protection, promptly rips it off, and sucks the
remaining treat from the shell with great relish.  The shells are light, and
get cleaned up by my filter.  I let him get fat for a couple days, until I
can't see any more snails, and put him back in the big tank.  He doesn't
seem to mind the net, because every time I net him, he ends up in heaven.
Pavlov, look at this!  :)


>Everyone had their own opinion of these Malaysian Trumpet Snails.  Mine is
>that they are a blight on the earth.  They overpopulate, nothing will eat
>them.  They are resistant to snail-killing chemicals,and they don't stay
>hidden during the day.  Okay, well some of them do.  A lot of them cover
>tank walls and other stuff once the population gets out of control.
>Bob Dixon