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Re: T-8 ballasts

> Hmm... as I understood it, those were 3-foot bulbs, and I'm pretty sure
> they were 30-watt "traditional" tubes, not 25-watt tubes.  Please check
> when you can, and post back to the list if they really are 25-watts.
> *Most* 3-foot tubes are T-8, but the "old" inefficient types.  I've never
> understood why this is so, that 18" and 36" bulbs are often T-8 diameter,
> but 24" and 48" are T-12 diameter.  Ah well.
>   - erik

Perfecto-A-Lamp 3-foot, 30-watt tubes, are T-10 (!)

> Just got off the phone with Zoo Med, and they confirm that you are
> correct!  All their aquarium tube sizes (18",24",36", and 48") are energy
> efficient T-8's.  Tres cool!  Wish I'd bid a little higher on some of
> them.  The downside is that these are so new that not a lot of folks know
> about them.  The other downside is that people are probably going to try
> them in their usual T12 fixtures.  The ZooMed guy said "they'll just take
> a little longer to warm up" in that case.
> It sounds like at this time the products seem mostly available mail-order
> (the closest store in Seattle is Jones & Co. in Lynwood).
>  - Erik

The Aquarium Center in Randallstown, MD, has them in stock.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD