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fish already???

Yikes!  A well-intentioned friend arrived for dinner this evening, with a
bag containing three phantom tetras.  I just set up my (50 gal.) tank
today, so I wasn't planning to stock it with fish yet - - in fact I had
been considering cycling it with ammonia instead.  But there were these
three fish in a bag, and what could I do but acclimate them and put them
into the tank...  I sure hope they will be okay.  They do seem quite
relaxed, like they've lived there forever, just swimming nonchalantly
around the tank checking everything out.  They also seem to be looking for
food.  Since the tank was just planted today, there are a couple of tiny
bits of broken leaves or roots floating around, and I have seen one fish
try to munch on one of those, but spit it out again.

Hey, these little guys won't snack on my plants, will they?