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Burrowing snails & anaerobic substrate

I noticed before re-doing the substrate in a tank, that my burrowing snails 
seemed to be spending more and more time out of the substrate. After a total 
upheaval and addition of various substrate additives, laterite and flourite, 
I hardly notice the snails anymore. Maybe they didin't like the smell down 
there ;-)

<< >I have a bunch of burrowing snails,
 These do not burrow that deep, maybe 2 inches at best.
  and the 
 >healthy roots bring in oxygen to break up the dark
 >areas, though some roots do sometimes show black
 >areas.  A while back, I stirred up the gravel and a
 >bunch of bubbles came up.  I wonder if any of it
 >diffused into the water.  Could this be why some stems
 >are fine when one RIGHT NEXT TO IT could be stunted?