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Re: Marc Weiss products

Adam wrote:
"I'd like to stick up for Weiss for just a minute-you're really giving him a
bashing there.  I work at a LFS, and we carry his saltwater product for
corals, Coral Vital, I believe it's called, and nearly every person who
with me will swear by it.  It does wonders for getting corals to open up and
feed.  It's twenty bucks a bottle, but we sell plenty of it.  That's why I
trusted him to make a good freshwater plant product, so we'll see what
happens there, but I just wanted everyone to know that he isn't totally a

I don't think that anyone is saying that Mr. Weiss is fake. There are lots
of questions about the claims made for his products and until he or someone
else gives a scientifically reasonable explanation for HOW the various
"Vital" products do what it is they are purported to do, those questions
will remain unanswered, and people will refer to the products as "snake

We aren't trying to maintain corals in our planted tanks.

It is possible that Mr. Weiss has stumbled upon other, previously unknown
factors which the rest of the hobby and industry was unaware of, and has
been able to put these factors into a bottle but I would like to see a more
"reasoned" explanation other than "customer testamonials" - they mean
absolutely diddly squat in the absence of hard facts.

What exactly is in the products, what is the mechanism by which they work,
and show us scientifically sound test results supporting the claims.

Until Marc Weiss and anyone else selling magic elixirs steps forward with
the facts, people will remain sceptical. Just because you are able to sell
the products to the public doesn't say anything about the worth of the
products - it only indicates that the marketing works. That sort of defense
might work in the usenet newsgroups, but it isn't likely to fly here.

But I stress my statement that we aren't coming down on Marc Weiss - it is
the claims for the Marc Weiss lablelled products that are the issue.

James Purchase