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RE: Garden Hose for filling tank

   Yes there are algaecides in garden hoses, unless I have been misled for a
long time myself.  There are also a couple of different type RV hoses too. I
was in the local Camper's World store this weekend and on the display for
hoses there were two types of white hoses.  One of the hoses said not for
use for drinking water unless the water is treated.  The next display was
also a white hose and said it was for drinking water use.  I have two
potable hoses that I keep in the garage until they are needed to top off or
full my 5 biggest tanks.  I go once a year to the local Camper's World store
to get a cartridge to put on my hoses to help get rid of "Stuff" in my
public water supply.  The main stuff I am after is chlorine, which this
removes.  I have been using these cartridge for three years, one a year.  I
do not have chloramine in my water system or I may not have tried this.
Make sure it's said the hose is for drinking water or potable.  These hoses
can be bought almost anywhere, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and so on.  JiM

>i bought the industrial already should i take it back and refund it for the
>RV one or is it safe for my plants and fish to use the one i bought
>i read on www.thekrib.com that the newer garden hoses have algaecide in it?
>could anyone help me on this?