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Re: algae-eating shrimp


I and several of my friends have algae eating shrimp.  They do a great job 
in my tanks of getting rid of algae, but are susceptible to being prey by my 
discus.  When they do feed, they do a pretty good job of getting rid of the 
algae.  If you want to learn more about algae eating shrimp, take a look at 
Joe Anderson's article on shrimp at the KRIB website.  He has an extensive 
article on various shrimp, including the Cardina japonica, or algae eating 

As far as the SAE's getting a little aggresive, mine are ~4 inches in length 
and can get a little boisterous.  If I had a choice, I would probably trade 
them in for smaller and younger ones which do a better job of cleaning 
algae.  They get lazy as they get older.  Hope this helps.

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