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urgent advice needed...

In anticipation of setting up my new tank today, I bought a number of
plants.  When it came time to drill holes in the cabinet for tubing, etc.,
some complications arose.  In short, I will not be able to put the plants
into the tank for about another 24 hours.  They are in plastic bags with
tank water from the store.  Will they be all right where they are, or
should I set them up temporarily somehow?  I would hate to lose them, as
they were quite expensive.

Next question:  I chose a piece of lava rock from one of their tanks at the
fish store, and that tank was established and had fish in it, i.e. nice
bacteria to start my tank!  This rock is currently wrapped in two layers of
plastic.  I don't know whether to leave it that way, or to take it out and
let it dry up and/or rinse/bleach it?  I bought an anubis which I plan to
attach to it.  How quickly will those bacteria die, and will dead bacteria
be bad for my new tank?

Same goes for a piece of driftwood with an anubis already attached, came
from an established tank at the fish store.

Sorry for the dumb questions, but I'm...
worried in Toronto