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Re: Starving bacteria

Interesting excerpt Paul.... given the fact that the majority of the
bacteria which exist in an aquarium biofilter are species which seem to
require high oxygen levels and relatively high nutrient levels, how likely
is it that they have the same sorts of abilities as the subsurface bacteria
described in the article? Just because some bacteria can do this, how
general is the ability? Specifically, has anyone ever studied the abilities
of the typical bacteria we see in an aquarium biofilter to adjust their
metabolism/reproduction rate in response to periods of relatively low
nutrient levels? Or is my thinking that they _require_ the high nutrient
levels typically present in an aquarium incorrect?

And how useful/capable would a bacterial colony which "held on" in a starved
state for a protracted period of time be in a situation such as we see in
our tanks? Would there still not be a relatively long time lag until the
bacteria readjusted their metabolism and the population levels rebounded to
"normal" levels (i.e measured in weeks, rather than hours or days)?

James Purchase