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Re:echinodorus red flame

The "Red Flame " sword is a hybrid availabe in the USA. One of the Florida
nurseries that I deal with grows it, I keep a few at times for sale, and can
always get it. Hybrids do not have to have the negative conotation that
Dwight suggests...there have been many hybrids, some that were first
produced years and years ago that are now standards. Tropica holds the
rights to some hybrids, and there are several others, and new ones coming
out. Other hybrids I have are the Indian red, a gorgeous, very unique
looking sword that is a solid bronze red, the "Ruby" sword which is a larger
version of the ruby melon, and the Rose sword which is a Tropica hybrid.

The $28 is ridiculously over priced. I sell them for $7 to $12 depending on

Robert Paul H