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Adding stuff to an existing substrate

Pushak wrote:

"If you need to add a substrate amendment to an existing substrate, .... 1)
make clay balls with fertilizer in them, dry them and poke them into the
substrate near the roots of the plants you want to grow 2) get a ceramic
pot, and put the mixture of substrate materials into it; place the plants
into the pot; cover with gravel; then put the pot into the aquarium. 

I added some compost/peat to an existing substrate using a " copper pipe
(yeah I know, it's only in the water for a short time, chill) and a 3/8"
wooden dowel. Cut the dowel at least 6" longer than the pipe, slide the
dowel into the pipe until it is about 3" from the bottom end, place whatever
material you want to add to the substrate in the bottom end of the pipe,
hold a finger/thumb/appendage over the bottom end of the pipe as you lower
it into the tank, once into the substrate remove your finger and push the
pipe as deep into the substrate as needed, use the dowel to push the
additive material out of the pipe and into the lower substrate, then remove
the pipe/dowel. A similar strategy using a straw and a bamboo skewer works
with Jobe's sticks.