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disclosure of product composition

I have to agree whole heartedly with George's assessment of why ADA
doesn't disclose the composition of their mystical products. They know
all too well that if the customers knew how easy it is to make these
products from a little clay or dirt, that they would actually LOOSE
their market by disclosing! Sometimes they are required by law to print
the composition if they are selling a product as "fertilizer".

Although James P has done an admirable job of praising the merits of
disclosing product composition; to my knowledge, we have never succeeded
in convincing one product manufacturer to disclose if they had not done
so already. Please correct me if I err...

And yes, I would only consider purchasing, testing or endorsing
something if I knew its composition and if the manufacturer was willing
to completely disclose it. They should do it for ethical reasons! For
heaven's sake!!
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