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>Bob Dixon wrote:
>Reverse Flow Under Gravel filter.  It is driven by air or a powerhead, and 
>sends water DOWN the lift tube instead of up.  The water flows up through
>gravel, and deposits all the waste stuff under the plate or in the tube, 
>depending on the design.

Thanks for the clarification, also thanks to those list members who sent me
information privately.  I thought with a traditional UGF, that the "gunk"
would stay *under* the plate as you described (that's sure where I found it
when I packed up my first (20-gal) tank a couple of years ago, yuck!), but
that with a RFUG, the deposits would (theoretically) be "pushed" through
the gravel, to arrive nearer the surface and then either be vacuumed up, or
disturbed by fish and removed by the filter, and thus whisked away to a
place where it could more easily be easily disposed of?

Am I wrong?  If not, i.e. deposits gather on top of gravel rather than
under the plate, does this work if the tank has rocks and driftwood, etc.,
I mean, wouldn't the deposits get caught there (i.e. under the plate) anyway?

Thanks again!