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Nutrients, Lower Light Plants, and Substrate.

I would like to heavily populate my 80 gal tank with the likes of Java
Moss, Java Fern, African Fern, etc. All of these would be attached to
rocks and driftwood. The tank *currently* has a large outside
terrestrial plant filter, a single in-tank double sponge filter
w/powerhead, and 28 fish (most about 2-3" long).

Can I possibly maintain my current 1" of sand (50% black flooring sand,
50% regular white silica, plus a number of smooth, small, black river
stones) with such a situation, or is it necessary to make a change to
the substrate? If I can maintain the substrate as it is, how will this
change what I might add to the tank as far as plant nutrients?

Still learning....

jloach at onlinetoday_com