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Re: Diseases, Ick and Company Claims

Sylvia writes:

> I recall reading in an ad that there was a filter media sold, which 
> supposedly absorbed all manner of things, including viruses (or it
> actually destroyed them). Without a background in biology, that seems
> preposterous to me. I can't recall what the product was called.

I am wondering if this is the micron filter medium used in the 
Magnum 350 and HOT filters. I don't know what the micron gauge 
is in these filters but if it's in the order of 2-4 microns, it could filter 
out bacteria and viruses. 

> Perhaps in an older, estabished tank there is a colony of
> health-promoting, health-enhancing bacteria which help the fish fight off
> disease? Perhaps Richard has a healthy dose of these in his tank?

This is an interesting idea. Perhaps it could be looked at not so 
much as the presence of bacteria which help fight off disease, but 
rather bacteria which take up a niche so that pathogens have more 
difficulty moving in. Kind of like the bacteria in the human gut, 
outcompeting most stray organisms that find their way in. It seems 
reasonable that healthy ecosystems would have this sort of 
bacterial population. I'm less certain that any company could bottle 
it up though.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD