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Re: Aquatic Plants D

>         RE: Elodea canadensis
>       Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 18:35:54 -0500
> From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
> Subject: RE: Elodea canadensis
> Brad Bloomquist was asking about Elodea canadensis. I don't know where you
> live Brad, (that usually helps when you are trying to find something
> locally), but I suggest that you try companies that sell pond plants. I know
> of several water garden places here in Ontario which carry Elodea canadensis
> in limited supply, or alternatively you can collect it from the wild if it
> grows natively in your area. It is a cold water species and not likely do do
> very well in a tropical tank. Another possible source is to find a lfs which
> carries Belyjo plants (from Montreal). Elodea canadensis is on their plant
> list and I know that their plants are available in the north-eastern part of
> the U.S.
> James Purchase
> Toronto

OK, watch out world, here comes my two cents worth! I live on the Gulf Coast of MS, and have a garden pond nursery, SMALL one. If you are anywhere close I would  suggest Anacharis ( Egeria densa), or  Hornwort ( Coontail)(Ceratophyllum demersum). Zones 8 and below you could also use Cabomba caroliniana reliably. While I have seen numerous claims for both the Anacharis and Hornwort (or Coontail, same plant), I have yet to see it work  miracles and as of today none of my customers have reported any. They are very good at competing for the nutrients in the water, and to really see any effectivness it takes one or two bunches (6-8 stems) per square foot of water surface. Yes it really takes that much, customers are always trying less and end up coming back for more! Try a combination to see wich are really happy in your pond, especially if you are just starting up. Any one else out there interested in ponds, and have questions you can email me off list if you want, I'll reply as soon
as I can. I'm here because out of 7 ponds of Shubunkins and Comets, 5 are consistently hatching fry, and I have started aquariums inside to help handle the baby load till they get big enough to sell, of course trying to keep them from being lunch also motivates.  That's all for me and keep up the yakking, or good work if it feels better!                          Devan Griffin        dustgrif at gpt_infi.net