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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #230

Hello Ryan, 

Any company that claims that it can not disclose the composition of its
fertilizer (or anything else, for that matter) because the competition
will copy it, has chumps for customers!

Most of the time the competition knows EXACTLY what is in the product.
That is their business. With today's stand of analytical sciences it is
not much of a challenge to ascertain most if not all ingredients. 

The trouble is, once you tell people the composition of your mix, you
can not claim "magical povers" for your product. And THAT is the reson
for being mysterious and secretive, not "competition"!



> I believe I am the only one on this list that can stick up for ADA's product
> line. True, that they do not disclose the exact make-up of their liquid
> fertilizers and substrates, but that is purely from a business standpoint.
> If you advertise what is contained in your product other will copy it and
> market it lower than your.