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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #231

Of Course!!! Have you ever seen a close relative of the Betta? A Snakehead! 
Bettas can and do hunt with that same sneaky and stealthy way of a large 
snakehead on the prowl. I've seen my large B edithae swallaw a yamato or moh 
ebi in a few large gulps.

>Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 01:24:57 -0400
>From: "Anna Burbank" <burbank at voicenet_com>
>Subject: white worms in aquarium
>Tom Brennan wrote:
>"I have been noticing
>some small (1-2cm)white worm looking creatures running along the glass in
>this tank "
>I had leeches in the substrate which were introduced via some plants (I
>think).  They multiplied to a point  where it was absolutely disgusting, 
>didn't seem to hurt anything.  I added a betta to the tank and he promptly
>began to hunt and eat them.  He would constantly hover over the substrate
>looking for them and then suddenly attack.  I didn't know bettas could move
>that fast.  It is now a year later and I can't find a single one.  Perhaps
>this would work for your white worms (assuming you don't want them in the

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