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Re: Ryan Stover's defense of ADA

I am with James Purchase 90% of the way. The other 10% deals with the
Plocher Energy System. More on that later. As for the 'snob appeal' goes,
true it may work in Japan, but not in North America. High quality does work
though and that is what ADA is all about. I too wish ADA would detail every
ingredient in their fertilizers, but I don't see that happening. North
American are an odd lot as you put it. As one can tell from this list many
would rather mix their own brew of fertilizer rather than buy a commercial
one. Mixing your own IS the best way, but many hobbyist won't go so far.

I also agree that ADA would have to change their approach to the North
American market. Actually the company that pick up the import of ADA would
have to do it. I don't see ADA marketing directly with North America.

As for the Plocher Energy System goes, once again very little in English is
known about it. What most people have read is from their web page. I feel
that site did more harm than good to it. I have not used the Plocher Energy
System products before, but I am not about to knock it as bad. True I am a
little leery of them, but I would not count it off as hocus-pocus. Aqua
Journal in Japanese had a monthly section devoted to the Plocher Energy
System for close to a year. Most of this is rather scientific in approach.
So much so my Japanese wife didn't even want to translate it.  Maybe if I am
nice to her she will translate some of this for us ;-)

I doubt ADA would endorse a product that work on pure magic. I would like to
see the Plocher Energy System has been tested by a third independent party.
This way a conclusion can be drawn about the effectiveness of their product.

I do have access to this products any inexpensive way to test this?

Ryan Stover
(The unofficial spokesman for Aqua Design Amano)