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Re: "Overfiltered"

Jared Weinberger asked:
"I am almost certain I am overfiltered if you mean colonization potential in
my  canister and the biomedia there. I am not certain that the plants that
my plant growth would improve by reducing it. So regardless of the
particular nitrate dynamics in my tank and setting aside questions of
expense and noise, can we be overfiltered from the plants' point of view?"

Probably - if you have a light to moderate fish load and a heavy, healthy
growth of aquatic plants. If you have a good set of ammonia and nitrate test
kits, you could quite easily remove, a little bit at a time, the bio-media
from your canister filter. Keep a close watch on the Ammonia levels in your
tank - hopefully the plants will absorb all that is produced by the fish.
Monitor the growth of your plants and your Nitrate levels for a couple of
months. That will give you your answer.

But remember that Roger also said that any mechanical media will also turn
into biological media unless it is changed/cleaned regularly.

James Purchase