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re: dumping on Amano

I will always admire Amano's aquascaping and photography. His books 
motivated me to try to do more with my tank than I might have done 
otherwise. His Aqua Journal mag was beautiful. I found the articles 
regarding the care/propogation of plants very beneficial, along with the 
photography, but the blatant adverts for his products in some of the 
"articles" turned me off.

I was fairly new to the planted aquarium end of the hobby, and noticed that 
That Pet Place carried his products in an issue of their catalog (1-2 years 
ago). I had been wanting some good, long stainless trimming scissors, and I 
had seen these in Aqua Journal. I called That Pet Place and almost fainted 
when they told me the 11 inch trimming scissors were $125.00. I told the 
girl on the line "very funny," and she informed me that was the actual 
price. Too rich for my blood, when the same thing can be bought for $20.00 

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