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Amazon Sword Leaves Lightening

Hey all - i searched the archives, and i couldn't find an answer to this Q
so i thought i'd ask -- the new growth on my Amazon Sword is a very light
green, not quite yellow. The other leaves are healthy, and the rest of the
plants in the tank are doing well -- is he missing something?

I've got Jobe's Fern spikes down around his roots (cut in half first) and
he's in profile. There's a large fish load, so he shouldn't be hurting for
N, and i've got DIY CO2 going great. All the other tank parameters are good,
and all the other plants are doing fabulous, with runners and new growth --
so what's up with him?

My water has iron in it all ready (bleh, algae) so what other base should i
cover? My water is very hard here, and the DIY CO2 can only bring my pH down
to 7.5.

In other news, i just totally scammed an SAE from someone. The pet store
near me has massive rows of tanks, and the usual crew of CAEs and Flying
Foxes, and everything else i don't want -- but in this tank with mollies, i
saw this little lone fish that looked like an SAE. I raced home, double
checked myself, and raced back and bought him -- i guess someone set him
aside, to take home themselves, but they didn't mark the tank to hold it. So
he's in my tank now, looking like a kid in Willy Wonka's Candy Land,
nibbling here and there :)

Erin Cashier Denton
It's no better to be safe than sorry.