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a few questions

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer:
1.) I use 100% re-constituted RO water. Since I use Roger Miller's recipe
for re-constituting RO water, I assumed that 30% weekly water changes would
provide all of the Mg and Ca the tank needed (I re-constitute for 3-4 dKH
and 3-4 dGH). Is this a bad assumption? In short, the tank parameters are
125 gal., 420 Watts, heavily planted, 1/8 tsp KNO3 + 1/8 tsp K2SO4 daily +
PMDD micronutrients daily (CSM), Ph=6.8, and CO2 injected.
2.) Is there some other nutrient not in PMDD or Roger Miller's recipe for
reconstituting RO water that I am missing since I don't use any tap water?
3.) I have a small 10 gallon tank with DIY CO2, 50 Watts fluorescent
lighting, PH=6.8, PMDD, and the same water changing habit as in #1 above
that has duckweed in it. It is also planted with dwarf hairgrass,
glossostigma, java moss, and java fern. The plants seem to be doing OK, but
I would expect the duckweed to be growing like mad. Is there some nutrient
that duckweed really needs to thrive?
4.) Does someone know of a good source for phosphate that I might be able to
find without any trouble? I know someone had suggested Hach, but I was
hoping that it was more easily available at a hardware store or something.
Someone also mentioned muriate of potash. I am not sure what that is and
cannot find it anywhere. Can someone enlighten me?

My tanks are on the web at http://www.jason.aquariumplants.cx/


Jason Luebke
Minneapolis, MN