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Eheim cannister co2 injection

I have a question about flow and my Eheim filter...

I have an Eheim 2215 with a standard inlet and on the outlet side into my
tank instead of a spray bar I have attached a gravel vac tube.  I use this
as my CO2 reactor.  The way I do this is I use an little airline elbow piece
inserted into a small hole at the very bottom of the reactor and then run
airline up to my do it yourself CO2.  The water runs down the reactor while
the co2 is injected and float up and gets churned around.. see my crappy
diagram... Anyway I was wondering will this slow the flow of the water down
so much that it could be effecting my plants (i heard that poor or no flow
can be detrimental for plants).
Jon Hammond

 ___[    ]___
[                  ]  Gravel Vac
[                  ]
[                  ]
[                  ]
[                  ]    [ ]  airline
[                  ]    [ ]
[                  ]    [ ]
[                  ]__[ ]
[                  ____]  elbow peice
[                  ]
[                  ]