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Re: Nitrogen

>I can see why the reverse lighting cycle is a good thing for the oxygen
>supply and for evening out pH swings.  But when it comes to any advantage
>in nitrogen uptake, all I can say to its proponents is "prove it".
>Roger Miller

Thanks for the info and digging. Prove it indeed........I agree with that

But what about the presence of O2 and CO2 and PH stability? Would these
factors not encourage N uptake if they are stable as in nature more than in
our tanks? Isn't Nitrogen in both forms a much coveted nutrient in nature
and a plant or algae etc can be far better off by having the ability to get
it all the time rather than just some here and there -even at the expense of
sacrificing ATP for Photosynthesis or other resources- at a certain point? I
tested zero NO3 and NH4+ in every location I found plants in a study I did
and almost none were rooted.

Basically, would it not be limited by the plant/algae needs for
Photosynthesis products(sugars) against the need for a Nitrogen source? Or
is this a chicken or the egg dilema? Can a plant switch gears so to speak in
order to adapt to a given situation and need if things are limited
(light,Nitrogen, perhaps more factors) to optimize the growth? Seems that
evolution would have provided this ability.
Guess I better start doing some digging for the answers myself, eh? I'll get
there fairly soon<g>!

Tom Barr