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Re: Glass Tanks


> >I realised that these "tampered" glass tank usually
> >have rounded corners and when I view the plants
> >through
> >these corners for too long, I have this giddiness in
> >me. It could be that the refractive index of the glass
> >is making me giddy.Is it that "tampered" glass give
> >this disadvantage?


To me at least it seems that you are describing an acrylic tank, I don't
know many if any glass tanks that have rounded corners. If this is the case,
the lady at the shop didn't know what she was talking about.

Tempered glass bottoms are used by All-Glass as near as I can tell to simply
strenghten the pane of glass on the bottom due to the aquarium frame. This
frame along the bottom of the tank supports all of the weight of the
aquarium. The tank size you described tells me that it IS important.

If you're truly looking at an acrylic tank made by some other company, you
won't have the black or brown trim frame. So the whole bottom of the tank
has to be supported.

Hope this helps,