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Tampered glassed tank?

I went to an aquarium shop today to enquire on a 4ft
by 2ftby 2ft tank for my future planted tank.

The proprietress of the shop quoted me a price for the
"tampered" glass tank which she said is more costly
than the ordinary tank. She stated that the glass has
to be "tampered" to give it the durability.

Question is: Is there a need for a "tampered" glass
tank for a 4ft by 2ft by 2ft tank for the durability?

I realised that these "tampered" glass tank usually
have rounded corners and when I view the plants
these corners for too long, I have this giddiness in
me. It could be that the refractive index of the glass
is making me giddy.Is it that "tampered" glass give
this disadvantage?

Any advice is appreciated.

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