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CO2 locally

I don't mean to gloat or to put any of our fellows out of the business, but 
many ppl have inquired about CO2 systems and I just wanted to pass on my 
I got a dbl gauge regulator made for CO2 (so all the connections were right) 
from a Beer Supply Distributor mail order (on sale, paid less than $50 - 
thanks Bailin!). I got a 5lb aluminium refurb tank at a local Fire 
Extinguisher Distributor (filled for $40 - had to haggle little).  And 
finally, just in case, I got a ARO No.2 needle valve (they had the NO.1, but 
the only diff. was thread size) with a male to male brass attachment from a 
pneumatic components distributor (for less than $20).  All total, I spent 
less than $100.  So, its possible if you really look around to find 
everything yuo need right in your yellow pages!  Look around and you'd be 
suprised what you'd find.
Just my 2 cents.

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