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F17T8 lighting for 20 long

My recommendation to anyone who's thinking of using 2 foot T8's
on their plant tank is this. DON'T DO IT!!!!
I've learned through unpleasant personal experience that your
chances of getting the right bulbs for a reasonable price are 
slim to none.  If you were doing 4 foot bulbs it would be fine,
but the price per bulb for 2ft T8's is WAY too high, especially if
you compare it to power compacts.  The best price I ever found was
around $7 for a 5000k sylvania bulb locally, of course I'd have to
buy a case of 30 to get that price.  If you're trying to get about 6000k
then go for power compacts. Especially from ahsupply.  I'm STILL
kicking myself about the time I wasted trying to get a decent setup
on my 29 gall with the F17T8's.  Prices for power compacts look high
until you start multiplying your bulb replacement costs by 4... Even if
you got the for $5 each it still would be around PC price. 
Did I mention PC wiring is simpler? (grin)


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