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Suitable Pond Plants

I'm looking for more plants to add to my pond. The pond is 3m x 5 m with 
sloping sides to a depth of 1m. Currently planted in it are waterlilies, 
lotus, water milfoil, anacharis, red cambomba, corkscrew and regular 
vallisneria, chain swords, pygmy sagitteria and salvia. Inhabiting the pond 
are red wag platies, neon swordtails, medaka, white cloud mountain minnows, 
Chosen Buna (black paradise fish), honey gouramies, dwarf gouramies, moh ebi 
and red paradise fish. I'm going to put some B edithae and splendens in as 
well. I have too many in my aquariums and feel they might enjoy a summer of 
unrestricted breeding outside.
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